What does the Catholic Church Really Teach About the Use of NFP?

Despite clear Church approval, NFP is opposed by more than just lukewarm Catholics

Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae

Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae

They identify themselves as traditionalists, or are genuinely sincere about following the Catholic Church’s teaching on birth control. One would think they would be the most zealous promoters of NFP, considering the vast amount of Catholics who ignore the Church’s moral condemnation of artificial birth control.

Rather, certain members of this demographic group profess opposition to the legitimate use of NFP.

Whether the opposition arises from an idea that God alone should determine family size, or that the only reason for conjugal union is procreation, such talk is unfounded.

While some such opponents will accept the principle of NFP, they will limit the validity of its use to the most minimal circumstances. Because of an error in translationof the 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, many claim that spouses must have a “serious” reason to use NFP. The correct English translation however, refers to “just reasons”.

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Better sex? Yes, Christian married couples are happier over it!

Love, Sex, and the Modern Mind That Just Doesn’t Get It

Married couples have better sex, studies show

Married couples have better and more frequent sex, studies show.

Headlines and blogs were alive last month with the news that recent studies show that practicing Christian married couples have better sex.

Married folks who attended worship services more often reported that they had sex more often, felt higher degrees of satisfaction with their sex lives and, most of all, were more likely to report that they felt truly loved by their partner during sex, research shows.

The news came to light when the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group and lobbying council, announced that religious observance and monogamy are associated with more satisfying sex.

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Chicago-area OB/GYNs Follow Catholic Teaching

CCL's new poster for parishes

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“Our Catholic faith allows us to offer superior care to women…”

The practitioners at Downers Grove OB/GYN serve women with respect for the teaching of the Catholic Church. By doing this, they believe they can offer better care than practices which rely on contraceptives and artificial reproductive technologies. Robert Lawler, M.D. was gracious enough to answer our questions for this exclusive interview.

Tell me about your current practice in Downers Grove, and the services you offer to women and families. Do you have a mission statement?

We strive to offer superior healthcare for women of all ages. This mission begins in late adolescence, when education is vital as a young woman enters her reproductive years. It is during this time when questions surrounding normal female physiology and anatomy are addressed. It also is a time to promote abstinence. Then we enter into the family years and we offer complete care for normal and high-risk obstetrical patients, holding firm to our belief that life begins at conception. The transitional years follow where we can offer therapies to ease the passage into menopause. We offer all these services with in the confines of our Catholic faith.

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