Ten Early Signs of Pregnancy

(July 8, 2009) Am I pregnant? The very thought makes one’s heart beat. This question is asked by many Chicagoland couples hoping to have a child.

Certain symptoms in a woman’s body can mean that she is pregnant.

Certain symptoms in a woman’s body can mean that she is pregnant.

Here is a ten-point checklist of signs that you might be pregnant:

  • Missed period - A pregnancy test can be taken as early as two or three days after a missed period.
  • Nausea - This feeling may show up from two to eight weeks after conception, although some women do not feel it at all.
  • Breast tenderness - May begin as early as two weeks after conception.
  • Sleepiness and fatigue - May start two weeks after conception.
  • Frequent urination - Can occur as early as the fourth week of pregnancy.
  • Headaches - Early in pregnancy, caused by increased blood circulation from hormonal changes
  • Moodiness - Also irritability, due to increased hormone levels.
  • Strange food cravings - Or aversion to some foods.
  • Bloating - Also weight gain.
  • Slight bleeding or cramping - Possibly due to embryo implantation.

Women who are trying to achieve pregnancy can often increase the possibility of having a baby by observing the signs of a woman’s fertility. A woman is fertile for only a few days each cycle, and by observing basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and the cervix on a daily basis, the couple can optimize their chances of pregnancy.

“Natural family planning (NFP) has been used by our couples in both enhancing their ability to conceive as well as avoid pregnancy,” said Monica Cassidy, who with her husband is a Chicago area Teaching Couple certified by the Couple to Couple League. “Not only that, but when couples learn the signs of observation, they experience a certain satisfaction in knowing more about the way God designed their bodies,” she said.

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See Mayo Clinic, “Symptoms of Pregnancy — What Happens Right Away.”